This experience was focused on me. It felt like it was aimed at me all the way through. There wasn’t really any other intention than to make sure my care was as good as possible.

Sam’s Story

“After I first went to Dr. Heinrich and had an evaluation of my knee and was considering doing the surgery, I went ahead and scheduled it for a regular hospital. It was a lovely hospital – very nicely done, but… it was still a hospital. When I found out a week later that the Muve center was going to be open and it was available to me, well, quite frankly I didn’t know what to expect.

But coming to Muve Lakeway, it was totally different. All of the staff’s attention was on prepping me: making sure that I understood what medicines they were putting into my body, what the process was going to be, when I would go to sleep, how soon I’d be waking up, what the rest of the day was going to look like.

Muve has a Navigator – in this case it was a woman named Katie. She told me everything about what my process was going to be: how to handle things, what I should do to prepare for surgery, and she did it in an incredibly friendly way. Then right before surgery, the day of surgery, even when I got out, Katie came and visited every day, and she kept in contact. The feeling was that I was being supported throughout the whole process.

Better Care By Design – to me that means all the way through the surgery process, there was an intention to make my care as good for me – the experience as good for me – as possible, by everyone who was involved. In fact I have recommended Muve to a number of friends and talked about the experience to a number of friends, saying: “If you ever get knee surgery or hip surgery, be sure and talk to me before you do anything else because I’ve got the place for you.”

It’s completely different than a hospital experience. “


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