Welcome to the future of value-based orthopedic care delivered and designed around you.

Muve is a fully integrated orthopedic program led in joint-venture partnership with top-rated orthopedic physicians. Muve is designed to raise the bar for both outcomes and experience – not only for patients, but for partners like you.

We leverage design-forward innovation, hyperspecialization, and a patient-first mindset to drive an industry leading program like no other in the market.

Find out how you can be a part of the new Muvement.

Designed for better care.

Designed for your success.

We believe that when it comes to healthcare, everybody should win. That’s why we designed a purposefully built, protocol driven orthopedic program that unites each and every partner in the care process.


Physician Benefits

  • A joint venture partnership tailored to your local market that enables true physician ownership.

  • Hand-selected, dedicated care teams focused solely on your patient’s surgical episode.

  • Protocol-driven, surgeon-designed care pathways that put you in control of exceptional care, from start to finish.

  • Prospective bundled payment approach designed to increase patient volume and economic stream control.

  • A high-end patient experience that drives improved outcomes.


Clinician Benefits

  • Evidence-based practices that allow you to be on the cutting edge of modern care delivery.

  • A highly specialized, deliberately designed orthopedic program that allows you to focus on one thing: Delivering the best possible care for your patients.

  • A modern, design-driven care environment like no other.

  • Leadership of a new model of care that isn’t held back by legacy healthcare “red tape” and roadblocks.

  • A collaborative care philosophy that is built on innovation.


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Provider Benefits

  • Personalized Care

    A joint venture partnership tailored to your local market that enables true physician ownership.

  • Optimized Outcomes

    We have engineered a unique, protocol-driven process to predict and replicate better outcomes. This approach enables a faster recovery and return to daily life.

  • Cost Certainty

    Currently, orthopedic surgery costs can vary significantly depending on which surgeon and hospital is utilized. Muve’s bundled payment approach provides you with one price, ensuring that you and your members know what costs will be, with no surprises.

  • A Focus On Value

    Because of our focus on reducing variations in process, we are able to offer highly competitive bundled payment rates.


Patient Benefits

  • A personal navigator partnership that extends from initial consultation to the one-year anniversary of surgery.

  • Intensive pre- and post- operative self-care education and support, contributing to increased confidence and better overall outcomes.

  • Tailored care plans designed to help each patient meet his or her unique recovery goals.

  • A relaxed, inviting post-operative setting that promotes engagement, comfort, and education.

  • Care is led and delivered by experienced surgeons who specialize in orthopedic procedures.

  • Protocol-driven, evidence-based clinical practices designed to drive the best possible episode of care from start to finish.

  • A simpler, more convenient approach to payment and care team communications.