When he decided to have his total hip surgery at Muve Lakeway ASC and Muve Lakeway Stay Suites, David was blown away by the level of personal attention, care for detail and one-on-one guidance he experienced during his time at Muve. See why David felt “like family” as a client in the Muve Health total joint replacement program.

After struggling to continue work on his retirement home, David came to Muve Lakeway ASC and Muve Lakeway Stay Suites to have his hip replaced.

“I’m the type of person who likes to know what really goes on,” David says. After being shown through the facility where he’d receive his surgery, then guided through how the Muve Health program would work, David elected to have his surgery at Muve Lakeway ASC and start his recovery at Muve Lakeway Stay Suites.

“It was like a family,” David says. “And I felt like everybody was here for me.” From his Muve Navigators to his physical therapist, Brad, and the rest of the ASC and Stay Suites staff, David made quick friendships that made him feel at home – an unusual but welcomed change from traditional care settings.

Now, David is back to building his retirement home, enjoying time with his family and feeling confident about the future.

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