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A reimagined
model designed
for you.

We’ve meticulously designed a clinically and financially integrated Total Joint Replacement program from the ground up to let you do your best work. Plus, our innovative model gives you the opportunity to provide the best care for your patients and puts the joy back in practicing medicine.

Welcome to Muve.

Most see a broken care delivery model.
We see an opportunity.

Think about it. Over the years, medicine has seen tremendous advancements in the science, technology and technique of providing care. Yet we’ve had scant innovation in the delivery models for physicians to pursue their craft. That is, until now.

How healthcare should be.

At Muve, we’ve thoughtfully reimagined how healthcare should be and invented an outstanding, modern-day orthopedic environment for surgeons to deliver superior results, focusing on just one thing: Total Joint Replacement. Our pioneering model gives you the structure, facilities and resources to deliver the high-quality care and experience you want for your patients.

A partnership like never before for care like never before.

Utilizing a true joint venture structure, we partner with surgeons dedicated to the field of joint arthroplasty and develop hyper-specialized ASCs and surgical recovery facilities for surgeons to perform Total Joint Replacement procedures. These services are provided under a common set of integrated care pathways and protocols to deliver consistent and replicable results. It’s the perfect balance of partnership and ownership—all in the name of better care.

Together is smarter. Together is better.

We believe in the power of alignment and partnerships. Our team-based, protocol-driven program unites everyone: physicians, nurses, physical therapists, home health, pharmacy and DME providers, creating a patient experience designed for optimal efficiency and outcomes.

It’s all about efficiency. It’s all about you.

At Muve, you can perform total knee and hip replacement surgeries in an innovative healthcare setting and substantially improve your efficiency. Most importantly, you have control over the entire episode of care, providing you with greater influence over clinical outcomes. More efficiency. More of a voice. Better outcomes. Imagine that.

Predictable outcomes mean predictable savings.

Thanks to our tight controls and predictable outcomes, we are able to provide our services under a risk-based, prospective bundled payment model. This helps those who pay for care reap significant savings compared to the same surgical procedure at a traditional acute-care facility.

The reality: This is the career you always dreamed of.

Your time is valuable and you want to be focused on your patients, not the back office. After all, you became a surgeon to help people. When you partner with us, you’ll feel more rewarded in your career because our model is designed to give you an environment to do your best work, to thrive and to spend more time caring for your patients. And you’ll have the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive, innovative joint program in the comfort and convenience of a non-institutional environment.

Best of all, you’ll get back to doing what you love to do.

And so will your patients.

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