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We created Muve to make a meaningful and long-overdue difference for everyone—and payers are no exception. You need look no further than our bundled payment system (i.e. all inclusive) designed to address the payment challenges we face in today’s health care environment.

Forward thinking
from a forward

As you know, payers and patients alike are far too often left in the dark regarding costs. Frustratingly, there are many unpleasant surprises along the way. But prospective bundled payments counter all the non-transparency that exists today because you’ll know ahead of time exactly what the procedure will cost, period. No surprises. Ever. And in the unlikely event there are unexpected changes in cost, we’ll cover it. That’s on us.

We are one of the first in the healthcare industry to introduce and implement a game-changer such as this. In fact, it’s a plan the federal government just recently proposed to encourage hospitals to spend dollars more wisely and vastly improve care for patients. And as times change, you can be sure we’ll continue to be out in front of it and partner with you to create the best solutions possible. All in all, prospective bundled payments mean better cost and quality as well as limited inefficiencies. It’s a smarter payment solution for today’s world. And we’re proud to say that we are one of the first to offer it.

Without question, bundled is better.

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