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Our Process

We’ve meticulously planned every step of your Total Joint Replacement procedure, from start to finish, to ensure your experience is safe, comfortable, and nothing short of awe-inspiring.


At this point, it’s already been determined you need Total Joint Replacement surgery. So you’ll meet with one of our board certified surgeons to talk through your procedure. Please ask all the questions you want answered. The purpose is to educate you and ensure you’re as informed and comfortable as possible with the procedure and what’s required to get you back to you. You’ll also meet your personal care guide, the one who will oversee your entire process, step by step, and answer any questions you may have.

Surgery Day

The moment you walk into our doors, it’s our mission to make your experience like no other. You’re greeted, registered and introduced to your team, from your pre-op nurse to your anesthesiologist (the very same team that will work with you well into your post-surgery rehabilitation). That means you won’t have to worry about handoffs and unfamiliar faces who don’t know you or the details of your procedure. At Muve, you’re not just a name in a bed, you’re our patient and you’re our guest. So we go out of our way to treat you that way.

Your Recovery

After your procedure, you’ll have the opportunity to check into the Muve Suites, another concept we’ve pioneered that sets us apart from other Total Joint Replacement options out there . During your stay in one of our private, well-appointed rooms, you’ll have access to 24-hour nursing care and will experience post-surgical monitoring and self-care education with a small number of other healthy Muve Total Joint Replacement patients. We’ll pamper you with gourmet meals and provide you with lots of education on the care of your new joint. You’ll also work with our on-site physical therapists to get you up and moving quickly; in most cases, that’s within 90 minutes of admittance into the recovery center. This is step is critically important and proven to increase healthier outcomes.

On The Move

With aggressive ambulation and physical therapy support, or team is committed to getting you back up and moving quickly and safely.


Our care for you doesn’t stop once you leave our facility. We work exclusively and closely with trusted partners to ensure you’re recovering as planned. Every step is essential to a healthier you. The last one is no exception.

Get Back To You

It all starts with you because our Total Joint Replacement program is uniquely designed around you. Each step of Muve’s Total Joint Replacement process, from the day you meet us to up to one year post surgery, is part of our personalized plan to help you to move again, feel empowered again, and above all, get back to the life you love.

Better Care By Design.

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