As a client in the Muve Health program, you have clinical support throughout your entire care journey – including after you discharge from Muve ASC and begin your recovery as a client at Muve Stay Suites. Yeseul, a home health team member at Muve Lakeway Stay Suites, is part of the amazing recovery team that makes sure your journey to full mobility begins safely and seamlessly. In addition to overseeing your health needs during your nighttime stay, Yeseul helps educate you on how to take care of yourself and handle any bumps in the night once you head home. Read more to learn more about Yeseul, what brought her to Muve and why she’s excited to deliver innovative total joint replacement care in a program that puts the patient first.

What is your role with Muve Health?

As a night shift staff member, I assess each client’s recovery process and address any problems or concerns – as well as educate and guide them to be able to take care of themselves with confidence.

Why did you join the Muve team?

I always wanted to work in a place where the patient is the top priority. I also care about being innovative and using technology that’s new and cutting-edge. Muve Health was just the team l was dreaming about – so when l had a chance, I had to grab it. We only live once, right?

What were you up to before joining Muve?

I was working in a psychiatric hospital; we provided residential care for troubled kids, school age through adolescent.

How has healthcare changed in the past 20 years? How hasn’t it changed?

Healthcare has been a mere numbers game. Capital gain has been top priority for a long time; many healthcare organizations are owned by entrepreneurs who saw opportunities for more money and thus the industry has been focused on increasing financial revenue, nothing more. Now, patient-centered care is finally becoming more prevalent.

How do you think the Muve patient experience differs from other programs/settings?

At Muve, we put our clients first. We have designed our program around them, thinking of their concerns, wants and needs. Our program is also incredibly seamless, which is a benefit for our staff and our clients. The Muve Lakeway ASC team downstairs works with the Muve Lakeway Stay Suites team upstairs, which means everyone knows what’s going on and can work to support each other. Everyone, staff and clients alike, work in supportive collaboration.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” What is the change that you want Muve to make in regards to the patient experience?

I want Muve to show the healthcare world and patients how to be more proactive – not to try to find a solution when the problem is already present, but focusing on being more preventative and doing critical analysis even before a problem sees the surface by appropriately preparing healthcare clientele as well as facilities.

Which Muve value do you steward and why?

“Niceness” – and “outcomes!” At Muve, our clients’ satisfaction is always top of mind. I would want to stay and be cared for in a facility where l can have a great experience that will stay with me for life. So I want to make sure our clients have that, too.

Why did you choose to work in healthcare?

I love being able to share knowledge and help people understand more about their health and their specific medical situations – with everything from how to treat a simple scratch to how to prepare for and recover from surgery.

What’s your favorite Muve milestone or achievement to date?

I believe we just passed 200 or more clients who have gone through the Muve total joint replacement program. Woohoo!

…and lastly, how would you describe the members of the Muve team?


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