At Muve Lakeway ASC and Muve Lakeway Stay Suites, we believe in empowering you with the tools and resources you need to make the best decisions about your joint replacement care. This week, meet Melissa, the first person you’ll talk to when you call Muve Lakeway and your #1 for resource for understanding how Muve’s innovative joint replacement program may be the right fit for you.

Choosing your joint replacement setting requires considering the logistics – like, “What does my insurance cover?”, “What will my payments look like?” and “What are my next steps?” That’s where Business Office Manager Melissa comes in. From helping you navigate insurance benefits to creating a financial plan that allows you to comfortably prioritize your health, Melissa is your #1 resource for the answers you need to feel confident about your joint replacement care. Read on to learn about Melissa and why she’s committed to delivering better care by design.

What is your role at Muve Health?

I’m the first point of contact for our patients at Muve Lakeway ASC to get them started on their joint replacement journey. I schedule their procedure, verify their insurance benefits and help create a financial plan that works best for them. I also assist with accounts payable, insurance claims, credentialing, maintaining medical records and more!

Why did you join the Muve team?

I wanted the opportunity to join a team that shared the same values I have and to help work towards creating a positive change in the healthcare industry.

What were you up to before joining Muve?

I’ve served in various positions within the medical field for fourteen years in the Lakeway/Bee Cave area, starting as a receptionist for an Internal Medicine clinic, moving into a medical assistant role with the former Lakeway Regional Medical Center, and most recently as a practice manager with Baylor Scott and White in a family practice clinic.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” What is the change that you want Muve to make in the world of healthcare?

I want Muve to continue setting high standards and being the leader in innovating the total joint replacement industry.

Why did you choose to work in healthcare?

I love helping others. I actually set out to be a nurse, but soon realized that it took a special person to do that job. I feel that everyone is blessed with certain talents and abilities, so I found a way to utilize mine while getting to help people.

What is your favorite way to “Get up and Muve?”

My family is what gets me muving!  My six- and three-year-olds always keep me on my toes and are involved in lots of outdoor activities.

What’s your favorite Muve milestone to-date?

One of the questions we ask our patients prior to surgery is, “What would you like to get back to doing after surgery?” When I hear about them resuming their favorite activities, it makes me proud. And it amazes me that we routinely deliver on helping our patients reach these goals.

Describe Muve in one word or phrase…


How would you describe the members of the Muve team?

Rare breeds.

…and lastly, what is your best Muve memory?

The feeling I had when I joined the Muve team and got to know my amazing fellow coworkers. #Atlast.

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